The air conditioning system within your vehicle is complex, common issues we have regularly experienced at Charminster Garage

Weak Airflow – caused by a number of reasons ranging from a loose hose, to the fan in the blower motor being broken and other potential causes being the build-up of mould or mildew in the evaporator clogging the vents, or even a broken seal within the system

In-Sufficient Cold Air – there are a number of potential reasons why your air conditioning is not as cold as it used to be.  Causes have been from a loose hose, broken seal within the system, to more serious issues such as the condenser or the evaporator not working to full capacity and the compressor failing


Starts Cool then Goes Warm – a cause for this could be a problem with the clutch within the compressor, leading to the compressor failing to maintain the correct pressure which results in hot air flowing through the system or even down to a clogged expansion valve resulting in a reduced flow of refrigerant into the evaporator

More serious causes may be that there is a leak within the air conditioning system.  A leak is normally the result of moisture entering the system which, when mixed with refrigerant, causes a corrosive acid that causes damage to components of the system.

Many vehicles have been involved in an incident at some pint whether minor or major, this can also be a common cause of leaks.

At Charminster Garage our technicians can help, whether you are just looking for a recharge to a more serious issue with your air conditioning system.


  • Pollen Filter Replacement – to prevent particles entering into the vehicle through the air conditioning/heating system
  • Recharge & Service – extraction of existing air conditioning gases, check for any leaks and to re-gas the air conditioning system and renew the PAG oil
  • Service & Sterilizer – the extraction of existing air conditioning gases and oil check for any leaks and carry out re-gas to the air conditioning system and renew the PAG oil.  In addition, we carry out an anti-bacterial sterilizer of the air conditioning system to remove bacteria and unpleasant odours which occur when bacteria and mould builds up when unused for long periods of time