Diesel Particulate Filters

Diesel vehicle engines have evolved over the years and diesel particulate filters (also known as the DPF), have been fitted to a lot of modern vehicles within the exhaust system to help reduce diesel and soot emissions.

Preventative measures you can implement to help prevent carbon build up is, drive your vehicle for long periods and ensure your vehicle is serviced regularly using the correct lubricants

However; on occasions DPF’s can be troublesome, fail or begin to block.  There are solutions available before the big expense of replacement – contact us for information or concerns you have with your diesel vehicle


Fuel Injectors

Many modern Injectors need programming to the vehicles ECU if they are removed or replaced, at Charminster Garage we have the facilities to code injectors

Number Plates

Charminster Garage is an approved DVLA number plate supplier, we can supply number plates for :-

  • Standard cars (oblong)
  • 4×4 (square)
  • Motorcycles
  • Japanese and American vehicles


Brake Testing

Experiencing brake imbalance, inefficiency, binding callipers or even handbrake performance, we are able to help as we have the equipment for testing on our inhouse brake tester



At Charminster Garage we are able to test batteries and charging systems along with supplying and fitting batteries for any vehicle, including vehicles fitted with stop / start technology



Whether your car’s exhaust is starting to blow, the exhaust system has failed completely, wanting to upgrade to a performance system, Charminster Garage can assist you



Charminster Garage can supply and fit clutches for passenger cars, 4×4’s, light commercial vehicles and some motorhomes – please enquire



Due to road conditions such as potholes, road surfaces etc this can take its toll on your vehicle’s suspension and chassis components, we are able to inspect and rectify all vehicles components ranging from shock absorbers, drop links, sub frames, suspension mounts and bushes etc.


Timing Belt & Chain Replacement

Often an oversight during routine servicing, but at Charminster Garage we check the manufacturers recommended replacement intervals for your vehicles timing belt.

If your timing belt is not maintained at the recommended intervals, then there is a possibility the timing belt will fail causing significant engine damage.

At Charminster Garage we will always replace the pullies and idlers at the same time as the belt as they can be the common cause of timing belt failures

Unsure when your vehicle is due for a timing belt change, call us and we can check and supply a quotation for replacement


Light Commercials and Motorhomes

At Charminster Garage we are fortunate enough to be able to accommodate larger and taller vehicles due to the size of the workshop facilities.