At Charminster Garage we have our own tyre fitting machine and balancer to enable us to offer a convenient tyre fitting service whether whilst your vehicle is scheduled in our service centre or whilst you wait.

Whatever your requirements whether they are run flats, premium, mid or budget brands of tyres, we can supply, at competitive prices

  • Premium Tyres – such as Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone etc.
  • Mid-Range Tyres – such as Hankook, Avon etc.
  • Budget Range Tyres


Additional Tyre Services Available

  • Puncture repair & rebalance
  • Re-sealing or valve replacement
  • Tyre Pressure Sensor replacement and programming

Tyre Wear, Tyre Performance and Longevity

Many things can cause tyre wear which you may not be aware are of.

You may feel like striking a kerb, hitting a pot hole, or even having over and under inflated tyres and carrying heavy loads are insignificant but these all can cause an effect on your tyres and the vehicles performance.

Additionally the mixing of tyre brands and patterns also have a bearing factor on indifferent wear, steering and control issues

All these factors can effect the ability to stop a vehicle as quickly as you expect it to

Charminster Garage are happy to check all of these factors for you to keep you safe and save the expense of unnecessary tyre costs

Wheel Alignment

  • 2 Wheel Laser Alignment
  • 4 Wheel Laser Alignment


3 Warning Signs of bad Wheel Alignment

Bad wheel alignment is one of those vehicle issues that is all too often overlooked.

This is because it can often be hard to spot, and even when people do spot that something is not right, they ignore it until they really need their car to perform and it’s too late.

Below are 3 of the subtle signs you might need to go and get your car checked out

1 – Are you getting vibrations?

When you drive, do you notice your steering wheel is constantly vibrating, even on smooth roads?  An alignment or balancing problem is likely to be the cause. That said, you should keep in mind that steering wheel vibration could also indicate a much bigger problem too


2 – Are you getting steering lag?

Are you finding that your steering wheel feels loose as you’re holding it, or that you turn the wheel and the vehicle doesn’t move the right away?  That is called steering lag and whilst it doesn’t always mean you have bad wheel alignment, there is no need to take the risk.  After all, the lag time might be less than a second long, but that fraction of a second could mean life or death.


3 – Are some of your tyres getting more love than others?

Do you notice the treads on some tyres wear out much faster than others?  Then you’ve just spotted our third and final red flag, as this is a common side effect of bad wheel alignment.

Call in to Charminster Garage and we will measure the tyre depth on both sides of each tyres to see if they all match or not.  Wheels that are properly aligned will have the same depth on all tyres.  Wheels that are not aligned properly will have different tyre depths.

These things happen – It’s not hard to cause bad wheel alignment; You could have driven over a pothole or some large object in the road, or maybe general wear and tear

If you notice any of our warning signs contact Charminster Garage to make an appointment