Waxoyl is a rust proofing fluid used to prolong the life of the underside of a vehicles chassis and bodywork.

Reasons to get Charminster Garage to Waxoyl your Vehicle

  • Rust starts from the inside and gradually works its way out, weakening components and bubbling through paintwork
  • Waxoyl is a powerful rust killer which chases out moisture
  • When applied to the underside of the vehicle it forms a weatherproof skin
  • Added protection against harmful road substances such as salt
  • Helps prolong your vehicles life

At Charminster Garage we will prepare the underside of the vehicle ready for Waxoyling, this will entail removing the loose particles of rust, grit and dirt to allow the application of the Waxoyl to be more effective.  Please note we do not pressure wash the underside of the vehicle, as this would cause moisture to become trapped; ideally, we prefer to have the vehicle overnight so this ensures that the underside of the vehicle is moisture free and it will be at its optimum to maximise the waxoyling benefits

We only use Hammerite Waxoyl as this is an excellent and trusted product giving an extensive coverage and an excellent finish – available in black or clear.

Charminster Garage has the facilities to apply to any vehicle whether a car to a larger vehicle, such as a motorhome